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This page shows all planning requests which have been received by the Parish Council from 1st January 2012 and the subsequent decision by the planning authorities. For earlier applications, please see this page.

The planning authorities for this parish are Scarborough Borough Council (SBC), the North York Moors National Park Authority (NYM) and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC). NYM sends copies of all applications (and plans) to the Clerk to the Parish Council. SBC did the same up to 30/4/2013. From 1/5/2013 SBC doesn't send out paper copies and applications have to be looked at on SBC's planning portal. The Parish Council's comments on an application are taken into consideration when the authorities make their decision.

Any parishioner wishing to object or support an application is welcome to look at the plans (if the Clerk holds them), by prior appointment please. If any further information is needed, such as the cut off date for letters to the Planning Inspectorate regarding appeals pending or the date of a public appeal hearing, you can contact the Clerk.

Contact details:

North York Moors National Park,
The Old Vicarage,
YO62 5BP
Tel: 01439 770657

Clerk to Cloughton Parish Council,
Mrs J. Marley
41 Scalby Road
YO13 0HN
Tel: 01723 870299







NYM 12/12 Field to east of Mill Lane Change condition 8 of 07/00740/FL so as to permit light industrial/rural crafts use Granted
NYM 1/13 Cedar Shingles, West Lane NYM/2012/0786/FL Convert outbuilding/store to holiday cottage Granted
SBC 2/13 24 Littlemoor Close 12/02618/HS Erect dormer to front elevation Granted
NYM 2/13 Cloughton Fields Extend time limit on extant consent NYM/2010/0104/FL (Create new farm steading, erect wind turbine) Granted
SBC 3/13 Kirkstones, Mill Lane 12/02206/FL Convert & extend existing outbuilding to create 1 three bed. annexe dwelling Withdrawn
NYM 6/13 Cloughton Fields NYM/2013/0202 Vary condition 2 of NYM/2013/0046/ETL so as to create smaller farmhouse & range of farm buildings plus new access arrangements, 15m. wind turbine & landscaping Granted
NYM 7/13 Rockhaven, Newlands Road NYM/2013/0279/FL Convert/alter stable/studio building to form residential annexe accommodation with glazed corridor, form access and utilise existing turning area in front of the building

appeal dismissed

SBC 7/13 10 Court Green Close 13/01328/HS Install replacement front door Granted
SBC 9/13 18 Station Lane 13/01360/HS Two storey rear & side extension Granted
SBC 9/13 Kirkstones, Mill Lane 13/01727/FL Re-use & extension of former coach house to form 3 bed annex dwelling Granted
SBC 9/13 3 Lockwood Chase Install uPVC windows and doors Granted
NYM 11/13 The Barn, Court Green Farm NYM/2013/0698/FL Install air source heat pump Granted
NYM 12/13 Linglands Cottage, Gowland Lane NYM/2013/0772 Vary condition 3 of NYM/2008/0761 so as to allow increase in dogs housed from 20 to 30 Granted
NYM 12/13 Linglands Cottage, Gowland Lane NYM/2013/0773 Build extensions to provide additional kennels & runs + covered storage area Granted
NYM 1/14 The Lilacs, Newlands Road NYM/2014/0126/FL Vary condition 3 of NYM/2010/0995/FL so as to permit commercial use of stables Granted
NYM 2/14 land to west of Calfthwaite Farm NYM/2014/0023/FL Erect agricultural building (no. 4 on site plan) (retrospective) Granted
NYM 3/14 land to west of Calfthwaite Farm NYM/2014/0022/FL Erect agricultural building (no. 2 on site plan) (retrospective) Granted
NYM 3/14 land to west of Calfthwaite Farm NYM/2014/0024/FL Erect agricultural building (no. 5 on site plan) (retrospective) Granted
NYM 4/14 land to west of Calfthwaite Farm NYM/2014/0126/FL Erect extensions to agricultural building (no. 3 on site plan) and siting of two feed towers (retrospective) Granted
NYM 5/14 Brentwood, Newlands Road NYM/2014/0250/FL Garage and new vehicular access Granted
NYM 5/14 Newlands Cottage, Newlands Road; NYM/2014/0274/FL Rear porch with balcony, change timber cladding to natural stone Granted
SBC 9/14 Town Farm, High Street 14/01362/FL Erect 20 new dwellings and convert 6 from farm buildings Granted
NYM 9/14 Ellis Close Farm, Harwood Dale Road NYM/2014/0592/FL Erect agricultural building Granted
NYM 10/14 Linglands Cottage, Gowland Lane NYM/2014/0493 convert & extend garage & outbuildings to form additional ancillary living accommodation Granted
NYM 10/14 Trattles Hall, Newlands Road NYM/2014/0606/FL Install 32no. ground mounted PV panels Granted
NYM 12/14 Woodland to landward side of Cloughton Bank NYM/2014/0780/FL Upgrade existing forestry road Granted
NYM 2/15 Land between Cloughton Fields Farm and Cloughton Fields Cottage NYM/2015/0028/OHL Relocate 592metres of 11,000 overhead line Granted
NYM 2/15 Newlands Cottage, Newlands Road NYM/2015/0031/NM. Various amendments to NYM/2014/0274/FL Granted
SBC 3/15 14 Littlemoor Close 15/00229/HS Erect two storey extension to rear Granted
NYM 4/15 The Gatehouse, Newlands Road NYM/2015/0094/FL. Erect one flue pipe Granted
NYCC 7/15 Lindhead School NY/2015/0158/FUL Erect timber shelters, storage shed & other works Granted
NYM 8/15 Cloughton Fields Farm NYM/2015/0581/NM. Non-material amendments to NYM/2013/0292/FL to change chimey, flue, render etc Granted
NYM 8/15 North End House, Hayburn Wyke NYM/2015/0168/FL. Demolish kitchen & porch, erect extension Granted
NYM 9/15 Paddock to south of Wyke Lodge, Staintondale 2015/0535/CLE. NYM Certificate of Lawfulness for use of land to site 1 caravan for holiday/recreational purposes in excess of 10 years Granted
NYM 9/15 Cloughton Fields Farm NYM/2015/0570/FL. Various changes to condition 2 of NYM/2013/0292/FL (Shed height etc) Granted
NYM 12/15 Sycarham Barn, Hood Lane NYM/2015/0570/FL Erect flue pipe Granted
NYM 2/16 Moorside House, Whitby Road NYM/2015/0937/FL, erect decking (retrospective) and construct single storey extension Granted
NYM 3/16 Paddock south of Wyke Lodge, Staintondale NYM/2015/0885/FL Change of land use from siting of touring caravan to siting of log cabin/mobile unit for holliday use Allowed on appeal
NYM 3/16 Moorside House, Whitby Road NYM/2016/0122/FL Construct domestic workshop/store/car port Granted
NYM 4/16 Trattles Hall, Cloughton Newlands NYM/2016/0160/FL Erect replacement bay window extension Granted
NYM 6/16 Rockhaven, Newlands Road NYM/2016/0349/FL Convert/extend garage/stables to form two holiday letting cottages Allowed on appeal
NYM 7/16 Providence Heath, Whitby Road NYM/2016/0366/FL Erect general purpose agricultural building Granted
NYM 11/16 Calfthwaite Farm NYM/2016/0765/FL Convert redundant agricultural buildings to 2 local occupancy letting dwellings/holiday letting cottage with associated parking Granted
NYM 2/17 Cloughton Sawmill, Cloughton Bank NYM/2016/0880/FL Change of land use to form camping/glamping site, construction of reception building, conversion of storage building to wet weather facility & associated access, parking and landscaping Granted
NYM 2/17 Whin Brow Cottage, Hood Lane NYM/2017/0008/FL Subdivision of dwelling to form one holiday letting cottage (retrospective) Granted
NYM 3/17 Hayburn Heights, Hayburn Wyke NYM/2017/0048/FL Alterations, extension, raising of roof height, widening of gable, construct retaining wall, erect summerhouse & log store (part retrospective) Granted
NYM 5/17 Cober Cottages, Newlands Road NYM/2017/0222/FL Install replacement windows Granted
NYM 11/17 Cloughton Sawmill, Cloughton Bank NYM/2017/0743/FL Vary conditions 2&5 of NYM/2016/0880/FL to amend occupancy from holiday accommodation to temporary worker's accommodation Granted
SBC 1/18 Town Farm, 48 High St 17/02639/LB Part demolition of wall affecting a listed building toi provide access to adjacent residential development Granted
SBC 1/18 Town Farm, 48 High St 17/02636/FLA Variation of conditions 1, 2 and 6 of 14/01362/FL dated 3/10/17, for erection of 24 dwellings comprising 7 conversions in existing retained farm buildings and 17 new build dwellings Granted
NYM 1/18 Providence Heath, Whitby Road NYM/2017/0890/FL Replacement front porch, additional rear porch, additional alterations to windows and doors, installation of flue and internal alterations Granted
NYM 1/18 Providence Heath, Whitby Road NYM/2018/0001/LB Replacement front porch, additional rear porch, additional alterations to windows and doors, installation of flue and internal alterations Granted
SBC 3/18 Town Farm, 48 High Street 18/00103/FL Demolish three existing buildings and construct three replacement buildings to provide five new dwellings Granted
NYM 3/18 The Hermitage, Newlands Road NYM/2018/0078/FL Demolition works, construct single storey extension and detached workshop/shed Granted
NYM 3/18 The Gatehouse, Newlands Road NYM/2018/0089/FL Install replacement composite door frame to rear Granted
SBC 5/18 3 Lockwood Chase 18/01324/HS. Replacement windows and doors Refused
NYM 10/18 Horseshoe Cottage, Newlands Lane NYM/2018/0400/FL Erect single storey side extension Granted
NYM 10/18 Providence Heath, Whitby Road NYM/2018/0553/FL Vary condition 2 of NYM/2017/0890/FL to allow installation of additional rooflight to rear elevation Granted
NYM 10/18 Providence Heath, Whitby Road NYM/2018/0554/LB Listed Building consent for installation of additional rooflight to rear elevation Granted
SBC 2/19 48 High Street 19/00156/FLA Vary conditions 1 & 3 of 18/00103/FL to amend materials of construction Granted
SBC 5/19 Old Mill House, Mill Lane 19/00954/HS Annexe extension to existing dwelling Granted
SBC 5/19 25 High Street 19/01015/FL Demolish outhouse, erect timber fence Granted
SBC 8/19 28 Littlemoor Close 19/01724/HS Erect extension and dormer window to rear Granted
SBC 9/19 Lindhead View, Mill Lane 19/01700/HS Loft conversion with rooflights to side elevations and windows in front and rear gables Granted
NYM 10/19 Cawood Cottage NYM/2019/0588/FL Single storey extension to outbuilding to allow residential annexe accommodation, construct single garage and associated landscaping Granted
NYM 10/19 Fields Farm NYM/2019/0622/FL Vary condition 1 of NYM/2018/0806/FL to allow revised design including omission of rooflights on northwest roofslope & increased footprint of multiuse shed in order to house cattle Granted
NYM 10/19 Ripley's Farm NYM/2019/0608/FL Erect agricultural storage building following demolition of existing structures Granted
SBC 11/19 5 Linton Close 19/02508/FL Erect porch and two dormers to front elevation Granted
SBC 11/19 Land to either side of The Forge, High Street 19/02271/FL Create 7 bell tent camp site with associated parking and toilet/shower facilities Refused
SBC 12/19 1 Granary Way 19/02594/HS Erect detached timber garden room Granted
NYM 2/20 Paddock to south of Wyke Lodge NYM/2020/0022/FL Vary condition 2 of NYM/2015/0885/FL to allow changes to footprint & design of log cabin/mobile unit, changes to footprint, design and location of store and relocation of parking area Pending
SBC 2/20 7 High Street 20/00001/HS Erect dormer to rear elevation Pending


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